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I have now received 5 hang up calls from the number 877-371-6618. When I answer they hang up.

When I call them back they want my number in case they have called in error. When asked "What or who are you? " I'm told "It doesn't matter". How dare you annoy me on my cell phone and tell me "it doesn't matter" when I call to inquire who they are.

I had no idea they were a collection agency until I found this site. I owe no one anything and I have had my number for over 4 years so obviously they have a screw up in their data base. But really...... what is the big secret about revealing who they are ?

Instead I have to find it on the internet. What a bunch of *** bags !

This is the type of non-professionalism that has given collectors a bad name over the years. What are they so afraid of ?

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***PLEASE READ*********

I received leters from ER Solutions. I threw the 1st few away bacause I thought it was a mistake. I finally opened one. It said I owed $$ to PayPal. Since I do business with PayPal, I called them. After 20 minutes on the phone the helpful employee informed me that I owe them NO money. I called the FTC(Federal Trade Commission) and filed a complaint after discovering ER Solutions had inquired about my credit. Yes, there were no negative hits from them. They just looked at my credit history. They are SHADY. If you're reading this and have been a victim of their shady tactics, call the FTC-1-877-382-4357

They will create an open case with a case #

If enough people do this, maybe there will be justice!!

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