Torrington, Wyoming

I am not who they are looking for but they will not stop calling...enough already! What do i have to do to say I am not "Dale" I AM NOT DALE...for god sake what is wrong with you dejected people?

Is your life so crummy that harrasing people is looking up? I am not dale, I am not Dale! I am not dale, I am not dale, I am not Dale! I am not dale, I am not dale, I am not Dale!

I am not dale, I am not dale, I am not Dale! I am not dale

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just a thought*. perhaps if you are answering the phone..

and it happens to be a collections agency looking for someone other than you?.. tell them politely that they have the wrong number*.

and ask that they remove your number*** just a thought... just a thought!!!!


I changed my phone number, and made it unpublished.

That was not enough. I had to get caller ID.

Once your number is out there, every finance co. will do the same to you.

Many of them seem to block their number, or give only a state.

Maybe two phone lines: one you never ever give out, or use unblocked.


I am not the one they want and they now have a recorded message not a real person i push button 4 that says they have the wrong number and they still call at least 3 times a weak. I am disabled and want this to STOP WHAT DO I DO


Wrong answer, they have to prove Dale is you. Send them a cease and desist letter.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) they must stop contacting you. Also the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) may apply as well.

I found a good lawyer that has already won a few times against these idiots and he works on contingency in these cases, so ER Solutions will get to pay for him.


All you have to do it send it to them in writing.

Nuneaton, England, United Kingdom #23047

You should tell them to stop calling you...Or if you do know Dale, let them know where they can find them

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #17637

Let me guess, your name is not Dale, and "Dale" if that is their real name gave a fake address because he knew he won't be able to pay back. Show them ID that you are not Dale and get proof that you are not the one that gave the fake name "dale,"

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