I keep getting a call from 800-847-2461 they hang up and dont leave a mse. I called the number and it was for a household member, however the woman would not tell me the problem for my child or spouse.

She said its a personal matter - i cant help if they dont specify. Then the woman started yelling at me. er solutions *** and they are rude.

They should not call if they cant leave a msg or give a household member the msg. They suck, they suck, they suck, they suck they suck they suck they suck they suck

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Their legacy is one of consumer fraud and the poorest trained call center in the business. They are absolutely terrible. Unfortunately, lazy A/R Managers keep hiring them because ERS salesmen take them out to lunch. If any A/R Manager actually tested their call center they would run for the exit. Just a terrible company. Their operators lie constantly and their systems are about 20 years behind (most either break constantly or do things like DIAL AND HANG UP...a recurring theme on these complaints). This gives a horrible image to whatever client they're representing.

If you get a call from ER Solutions:

1. Hang up (or waste their time talking about your pets)

2. Call your credit card company and have THEM remove your number

3. Tell your credit card company if they continue to use ERS, you'll take your business elsewhere.

Riihimaki, Southern Finland, Finland #217455

It's a Federal law that debt collectors can't give information to anyone except the person it's concerning :roll


Use call block!


Too bad. Probably got your number from a truck stop bathroom. :cry

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