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This company is a fraud. They say I owe Paypal $930.00 and I almost never use Paypal.

I called Paypal customer service AND the Paypal collections department and they verrified that I owe them nothing. When I try and contact ER solutions Jennifer Peden 866 291 6364 they do not answer no matter what time of day in the work week I call.

I filed an FTC complaint, but I think some of us should get together and file a class action law suit. They are wasting people's time and misusing personal information to scare people into paying them fictitious debts.

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yes, ERS needs a class action suit. They have been robo calling me every day for a non existent person, non existent debt.

They claim to have stopped but I had to block them from calling. They NEED to be stopped and put out of business.


I received a recorded message from them today and after looking on here to see who they were and reading the complaints I called them and got a live person very quickly @(866)291-6364. The woman wanted to verify my identity but I refused to give her my last four of my social security.

She said she would remove me from the list and by the way the creditor was an electric company that serviced us in 2004 and we paid and owe them nothing. We will see what happens next if anything.


If you do not owe the money that ER Solutions says you do.....the Better Business Bureau is useless as are most consumer help agencies...talk to a lawyer and go the State Attorney General's website for your state. If they have a consumer affairs division, file an online complaint with them.

You must be honest about the debt and be able to show or explain your position and why you do not owe a debt. ER Solutions are tenacious and will not give up easily...but they can be proven wrong if you use the law.

That is what I had to do.

A letter of inquiry from the State Attorney General to ER Solutions got their attention, an acknowledgement that I did not owe any debt and a letter of apology for any inconveniences caused to me. But it took 6 months and the assistance of a lawyer and the State Attorney General.

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