They called my cell phone I answered it and I asked who it was and they said er solutions and I told them nicely don't call my cell phone again and the guy screamed at me and said, pay your bill like 10 times then hung up i called back and it was the same guy and i asked for the manger and i got the manger but was never told if he will get in trouble. i dont recommend this company.

it is a bad bad bad company.if i had a collector to do that to my customer i would fire them so fast to make their head spin and make sure they never get a job like that again.

he got under my skin.

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You call your self awesome ers hahahah!!! You lost me after the part of your not rude you try to help u debtors out.

You sit there and talk about people buying things and when they can't pay it back its their fault. BLAH BLAH BLAH!! You don't know what these guys problems are, so don't sit behind your computer and judge.

And I realize this company is a joke, look at how you spell. Take your hard earned check and go to school!!!!!


can you ppl stop complaining i work for the company im not rude i try to help u debtors out ......first of all have of u ppl have jobs and cant ven try to py the bill you owe why get something you cant even afford its your fault you get call we are authorizes by law to call you every three day and we dont read a script we have to say the mini miranda and verify ok so dont get hurt not everyone is rude .....im nice to everyone/.......even if ur rude and cussing at me .......thanks bill collector frm ersolutions

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