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PO Box 1022

Wixom MI 48393-1022

ER Solutions, Inc.

10750 Hammerly Blvd #200

Houston, TX 77043

ER Solutions, Inc.

PO Box 9004

Renton WA 98057-9004

Date: 03/07/2011

Creditor: Paypal Inc.

Client Account #: ########

ERS Account #: ########

Principal: $279.29

Total Balance: $279.29

"Our client has advised us that they are willing to settle for 50% of the balance due. If you accept this offer, our client will cease further collections efforts on this account but will not consider the account paid in full or reinstate your account. Your account may be reinstated only if you pay the entire amount of the outstanding debt..."

-- Jennifer Peden, 866-291-6364, Debt Collector, www.erspay.com

Firstly, Paypal is linked to my bank account so why would they ever need to force collections when they could just take the funds at any time? Secondly, my account is fully functional and does not need to be reinstated. Thirdly, my Paypal account is in pristine standing and has always been so. I went through a thorough credit history check back in October 2010 in order to get my security clearance with the Navy. There were no entries regarding Paypal listed at that time. In fact, there wasn't much of anything listed period! This letter from ER Solutions, Inc. also includes three (3) different addresses shown above. It is complete garbage that this company is contacting me and attempting to collect on a "fake" debt in an effort to phish my Paypal account. I filed a complaint with the FTC.


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Lansing, Michigan, United States #1314211

Thanks my letter is the same a fake

They have broke in a d stolemy receipts.


I have a fraudulent collection letter from ER/Convergent.

We recently had credit reports pulled twice for loan approval on a real estate purchase. That's probably what triggered the letter.

I will call and file with the Feds as suggested. I will also notify the legitimate company on whose behalf Convergent is fraudulently seeking payment. Then I will notify the Sec'y of State's office for my home state, since they track this stuff.

In the meantime, you can make Convergent pay in a small way. Remove the bottom payment coupon portion of the letter, ink out or remove the info at the top left corner, place it in the envelope they provided with their address showing through the window, and add a little love note along with the coupon if you like.

Copy their Renton address on the return address part of the envelope and mail it to them with insufficient postage. Then they'll have the postal examiners chasing them down along with the FTC.

The other thing you could do is entice them into trying to serve the collection notice online. If they did so, you could then report them for violation of the Federal Internet Fraud statutes. Which the government takes seriously.

The Feds are currently devoting more effort to Internet fraud than snail mail or phone fraud, because the internet is where the greatest future fraud potential is.

One thing I won't do is bother with the BBB. I read their response. That is as lame as it gets.


I'm not getting the letters personally, but getting them nearly weekly to a person who's only connection seems to be their last name.

Trying to find some info - and found this site.

Some mailing list company must have gotten a hold of a number of names with same last name as me and sold that list around. Getting all sorts of junk mail for these other bogus names at my address. Sheezzzz!

And to find this one is likely just some scam mailings. Will either just keep writing "return to sender" or shred them for fire starting fodder on the patio.


Oh yea, I've been sent a letter too only it does not say PayPal it says Palisades. What the *** is that?

I'm so sick of fraudulent companies doing this.

to ***cerned #964385

Palisades is a city in New York north west of NYC, about an hour or so away.


This adds up .

I got a letter from ATERSO01 with the same address you mentioned saying that I owed Ebay while I owed nothing.



No matter what the ruse or scan or threatening tactics, this is a scam to try and get you to give information so they can do God knows what.


I filed a complaint with the FTC, but never heard anything back from them. However the complaint filed with the BBB has recently been closed. ER Solutions dropped the matter immediately upon being contacted by the BBB. I pushed the case because I knew ER Solutions was lying and this was the response from BBB:

"Thank you for contacting your Better Business Bureau regarding your complaint. We received your recent correspondence regarding this case indicating that you are not satisfied with the company's response. We believe that the company has addressed the issues in this case and cannot require the company to respond further, however, their reliability report will reflect that you did not accept their offer or were dissatisfied."

NOTE: Anyone being told they owe money to Paypal can log into their Paypal account and pull up their entire account history. That's a nice way to shove the bogus claims back in ER Solutions face.


***PLEASE READ*********

I received leters from ER Solutions. I threw the 1st few away bacause I thought it was a mistake. I finally opened one. It said I owed $$ to PayPal. Since I do business with PayPal, I called them. After 20 minutes on the phone the helpful employee informed me that I owe them NO money. I called the FTC(Federal Trade Commission) and filed a complaint after discovering ER Solutions had inquired about my credit. Yes, there were no negative hits from them. They just looked at my credit history. They are SHADY. If you're reading this and have been a victim of their shady tactics, call the FTC-1-877-382-4357

They will create an open case with a case #

If enough people do this, maybe there will be justice!!

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