ER solutions are very rude they made me cry and hung up on me, I called back and hung up on them. They need to get a life and a real job.

These people are peronas. I see why they have so many complaints. They want a certain payment but I can't give it to them.They are ignorant jerks,who feed on harrasing people.They need to get a life and get there panties out of their butts!

They are seriously crude people and nobody deserves the *** they give you. I hate their rudeness and they need to learn some manners.

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the devil himself? like your some angel that doest pay their bills..

too funny.. get a life.. or suffer for 7-10 yrs..on your credit report.. all 3, eqifax.

experian. and trans union..so if you dont pay your bills ontime and you goto collections.. how can you blame that on collectors? its your fault..

not ours. dont try and put DEVIL on us .. had u paid your bills..

we WOULDNT be calling you to live up to your responsibilities.. just a thought!


And there speaks the DEVIL Himself!

ERS SOLUTIONS - Contact your State Attorney General's Office and file a complaint!


had you paid your bill on time, you would NOT be dealing with collection agencies. Bottom line..

pay your bill..

being that you didn't. now wonder your sniveling about being contacted

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