I also got one of the Ebay letters.It stated that I had to phone within 30 days to dispute the debt.

I have called and everyday get a message saying"No one is able to take my call and to please leave the account # my name and phone number", which I won't leave my number. But, then suprisingly enough their mail box is full making it impossible to leave a message within 30 days. Which means since you haven't contacted them in 30 days you "MUST" be saying the debt is valid.

Low lifes and scammers.what

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Don't know these people, but they have reported a debt that I do not recognize to two credit agencies. Tried many times to call...get voice mail. feels like a scam!


i was a member on pay-pal and owed them money for a year C.E.RS inc.stated that i pay them and they would send it to pay-pal,the lady said 5 business days and transaction would be all set.

so i wait 5 days try to long on and still unable to. i called pay-pal and got put right back C.E.RS inc and been hung up on several times that night. next day i called same thing happened after 5th time calling some one finally picked up and was rude with me and they said they could not find transaction but bank funds were taken day of transaction.after arguing with my bank info in hand she finally found it and stated it takes 10 days to clear to pay-pal. so i wait 5 more days now a total of 2 weeks.

i go to log on again and the same thing with a different rude rep. now she states it takes 15 days for trans. to clear low and behold 3 weeks and still unable to log on. so i called pay pal they state they have not received money for account yet and if i payed them direct i would be able to log on within 5 days.

i called convergent and asked them to credit my account on top of all this *** they put me through and the lady got mad at me and said i was not getting my money back b/c i paid pay-pal directly they didn't want me to do this b/c they wont get paid for collecting moneys owed to pay-pal.

needless to say they refused to return any of my funds.i have got an attorney and my bank involved, just waiting to hear from them on what my next move is.

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