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I got a message on my cell phone today from Convergent Outsourcing saying that they are calling to collect on a debt I owe. I called them back and they know my name but refused to answer any other questions about who they were until I provided my address, which I declined to do.

I just got me credit scores from the 3 main agencies today, and I have a credit score of over 800, so obviously I don't have any uncollected debt outstanding, and this is a scam.

Please do yourself a favor and don't give them any personal information. If there was a legitimate debt, they would have your address!

Suzanne in CT

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this convergent company calls me everyday early in the morning and never leaves a message cause I don't answer there calls they are very annoying.


They keep calling my cell phone and not leaving a voice mail. I have now blocked them.


I keep getting emails from them from an email I use only for work. I only receive emails at that account from that company and nothing else.

I thought it was real at first because they often send me papers to sign electronically.

It wants me to verify my identity by entering the last four # of my SS # on a "secure form". I get them every few months.


I also just received a call from this company. I have received several calls from this company in the past few days.

The person who took my call asked for my phone number. I refused to give it until she gave me information about who was calling me. She told me, "I already said the name of the company." She did not want to repeat it, but finally did. She said that the call was in reference to a personal business matter, but that she could not give me any information unless I provided my number.

I would not give her my number and asked to speak to a manager.

My call was dropped. The woman on the phone was nasty and pushy.


I received a letter from Convergent Outsourcing claiming I owe a large debt to a creditor called Galaxy International Purchasing LLC and that the creditor will settle with me for 35% of the debt. First of all, the bill is in my married name and I have been divorced for 8 years.

Second, I never heard of the creditor or the original creditor's name. I have no idea who they are. The amount of the debt listed is an amount I never would have spent with any company, especially back then when my credit wasn't as good as it is now.

This is the second time a bogus collection agency has contacted me about a bogus debt in the past 6 months and I'm tired of it. This is a scam!


Contact your state's Attorney General's office and file a consumers complaint. That always stoops them dead in their tracks.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #971490

I got a letter from them offering to settle a debt that I was unaware of so I demanded a copy of the original bill and name of creditor. Today, nine days after the original letter from them was dated, I received a letter from them saying they cannot send me the original bill because they are no longer handling the referred account.

Nine days!

They are definitely scammers. BEWARE!!!

Pascagoula, Mississippi, United States #947763

I keep getting calls from them they do not leave any messages and they call me all the time... here is the number I called and got this Convergent Outsourcing 661-370-3694

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #923056

I've been getting calls from a local Phoenix number every day for months. I'm never home when they call and they don' leave messages--it just shows up on the caller ID.

Finally last week I was home when they called, I answered, ready to fight with them, but got a recording telling me to push 1 if I was who they were calling, 2 if they should call back, etc. The last option was to have my number removed from their database so I did that. It didn't work because they called back today--same recording.

But this time I had a pen handy and wrote down the name of the company to look up. I knew it was a scam because my credit is good but looking up the phone number got me nothing--luckily the name of the company got me here.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #877130

Similar situation - we've started getting calls from this outfit, but luckily I'd just pulled our credit reports and we've had no outstanding debt in more than 10 years. Another collection agency has been calling our number asking for someone under a name I've never heard, and I guess they probably sold this incorrect info to these folks.

Bristol, Tennessee, United States #856528

I had a call from this place as well from a debt in 2004. Which I paid in full with proof.

I disputed it and told them it's been 10 years, you call now? I pulled my credit report and they have checked my credit before calling.

I have tried calling them back and no luck. They told me I couldn't call the place who sent it to them because they didn't have the info now.

to Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, United States #971493

After reading some of these comments I am convinced they are seeing our credit reports and scamming. I was in debt for years but in the last two years I have paid off everyone I owed.

Then here comes Convergent with some bill I'd never heard of. When I demanded the original bill and creditors name, they said they can't give me that because they're not handling it anymore. All of my contact with them was done in a span of 9 days.

They stopped handling the account in less than 9 days of billing me? Not hardly, it's a scam!


I received a letter from Convergent saying that I owe a creditor $757.80. To my immediate knowledge I did not owe the named creditor anything.

To confirm I logged into my credit monitoring site and checked all 3 reporting agencies for any new or recent and past entries containing the name of said creditor and did not see any entries with a derogatory mark against my credit report. Yes, I in the past and currently have business with said creditor but I can say happily I am in excellent standing with them. Where this Convergent Outsourcing received this information I don't know which leads me to believe this is an attempted scam to bamboozle me out of my hard earned income.

I have worked hard to get my credit score to what it is over years of sacrificing and commitment and I'll DAM**D if I'm going to allow some backbiting, *** company like this one attempt to ruin my credit and financial well being.


I just received a call from a local Phoenix number 602-904-7129 they wanted to only speak with my husband. I told him he's not available and she proceeded to say its a private matter. I'm happy to see other peoples info regarding this matter.


I just got a letter from Convergent Outsourcing today that says I owe Centurylink $127.77. I have never had an account with Centurylink.

I think this is a scam to get a person to give out their Social Security number and other pertinent information. I cannot get ahold of anyone at Convergent to tell me where or when I supposedly had service with Centurylink, so I think this a scam.


These people called for my husband.But since Im his wife they were gonna let me verify his info..(how nice of them.) i refused to give them info until they told me what it was in regards to. She said she would tell me once she verifies I am really the wife of the person she was calling for.

I said "How about YOU verify who you are. YOU tell me what you are calling about and then maybe I'll verify.You called HERE. Im not *** I know a phishing scam when I hear one". she said she would call back to discuss his "debt" with himat a later time.

I hope she does. I look forward to talking to her again now that I have had a chance to verify my suspicions.


Just got a call from 855-344-7844, but did NOT answer. I do not answer numbers that I do not recognize.

After typing the number into Google, I find this collection of similar stories.

Folks, if you are not familiar with a number that is calling you, don't answer. First look at the various online sites that catalog reverse-numbers.


Received fax call today from Seattle. Dialed number back, got operator for Convergent Outsourcing.

I asked why they had called, and gave the number they had dialed, asked the to take my number off their list, and why they were calling. They said they had not called.

Getting a lot of call from all over the country, at all hours, with no one on the other end, Help!


They called me i just hang up...


10/29/2013 I recieved a call from them today wanting me to verify my address and ssn I said I've never dealt with yall so how would you get my information she stated that she could not give me any information so I declined my info then she hung up on me lol like thats kinda unprofessional dont you think I'm not ***.

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