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ER Solutions
Main address: 800 SW 39th Street 98057 Renton WA
800-444-8485, ,
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  • $22.9K claimed losses
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  • Jan 13
  • Collection Agencies
  • Monmouth, Oregon
  • Spam Calls
  • 2
  • 64

My eight year old daughter has been receiving called several times a day at school this is the number I keep getting calls from 1-855-344-7844 when I pick up no response and hangs up try to call back and recieve a message with a lady saying you reached er solutions and that her mail box is full. Scammers ! I can't even reach anyone to ask them to please quite calling a child's line it's not... Read more

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  • Oct 28, 2013
  • Collection Agencies
  • Automated Calls
  • 41

Continues to call with the pre-recorded voice asking for an unknown person. Any time you attempt to stay on the line and speak to a live person, you are disconnected within a few seconds. Sick of this happening, stop calling. Would not be so bad if it was an actual person and not a robot would talk to you thus being able to explain that it's obviously the WRONG NUMBER/WRONG PERSON. I receive a... Read more

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  • Oct 05, 2013
  • Collection Agencies
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Debt Collection
  • 1
  • 102

I keep receiving calls from ERS and they are trying to get me to pay on a bill for a student loan that I receive a bill from the department of education. I paid a couple times but I canceled my bank account and now they are calling again saying I have 4 days to start paying more then what the dpt of ed is saying or they will take from my check. No statements nothing. What collection agency... Read more

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  • Aug 09, 2013
  • Professional Services
  • Cascade, Maryland
  • Er Services
  • 103

410-864-3224 which belongs supposedly to Convergence called my house last week. I did some searching, found it belongs to a Locksmith Company on Pratt Street in Baltimore MD. But when I called back I only called back to gather information/name of company calling so I could file a complaint on the government Do not call site. Once I filed that complaint they called me back this time when I... Read more

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  • Jul 31, 2013
  • Collection Agencies
  • Canton, Ohio
  • Collection
  • 2
  • 73

Rude self righteous idiots called me to say I owe CIty Bank money. Give me an account number or proof of this and I would gladly pay. The task was to much for them to undertake, because They could not give me that information. Couldn't give me a legitimate email address, name or phone number. How can a real person live with themselves knowing how they lie to people? I mean really, you don't... Read more

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  • Jun 19, 2013
  • Collection Agencies
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Collection Services
  • 1
  • 129

Back few years ago I had a debt that ER Solutions was trying to collect. I did end up paying that debt, but just recently pulled my credit report. There is a previous address listed on my report that is not mine that was just reported to the credit bureaus about 11 months ago. I looked up this address on The name listed there had the same first initial and same exact last name as... Read more

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  • Jun 09, 2013
  • Investment Brokerage
  • Investments
  • 2
  • 77

Has anyone conducted business with a Ottawa company called Suns Group. They claim they offer 60% return on your monies. I'm curious if anyone is or has been a client of theirs and have they make that kind of money monthly. Have you received your monthly interest checks correctly and on time and have you loss any monies on your investment with Suns Group or possibly you could not get them to... Read more

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  • May 20, 2013
  • Collection Agencies
  • Greensburg, Pennsylvania
  • Unknown
  • 1
  • 83

There is a charge showing up on my credit report history from almost 4 years ago now and I do not know what the charges are for but, it's under the name of Convergent Outsourcing/Sprint they are asking for $478.00 that I do not believe I owe and I am unable to reach a live person to talk to about this. The worst part is that this *** inconvenience is stopping me from being able to make any... Read more

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  • Apr 27, 2013
  • Collection Agencies
  • Old Town, Maine
  • 3
  • 139

I have had my share of phone calls from ER Solutions. I get a call at least once a day, and sometimes, twice a day. That's been going on for about 2 months. I don't take their calls. And just in case anyone is interested, I posted this info on another forum about Convergent Outsourcing. "If anyone is interested, I have Convergent Outsourcing's address and phone number (which seems to... Read more

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  • Apr 25, 2013
  • Collection Agencies
  • 1
  • 99

I moved and left a small overdue amount when I closed my account with Time Warner Cable. In a letter I received today, Convergent claims that I owe three times the original amount and they were willing to settle for half of that. Please! So I called TWC to pay the original balance. Convergent lied about the amount I owed. Imagine if I'd gone ahead and paid it. Always go to the original... Read more

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